The Importance Of Tacoma Blind Installation

Installing new, practical roller blinds is a decision based on your desires, design preferences, and the fact that these blinds are highly functional and potentially less costly than other window treatments. The look of your blinds will range from plain to very formal and elegant, depending on the type of fabric you choose, so prices can vary. The installation may be completed by a qualified specialist or with the assistance of a friend (just to make sure you have a better perspective plus it is more fun this way). Checkout Tacoma Blind Installation.

Apart from the type of fabric, colour, and pattern, you must properly measure your windows (follow the manufacturer’s instructions), decide where you want your roller blinds installed (inside mount on the window frame, or outside mount on the wall just above the window), and where you want the chain operating mechanism installed when you buy this type of blinds (left or right side of the blinds).

What is the type of material that your window is made of? Is there enough space for your roller blinds inside the window recess? Inside mount is possibly the best choice if the answer to the first question is wood and there is enough space for roller blinds (provided that there is no obstacle like a handle for example in the way). If your window is made of PVC or aluminium, the outside mount is the best option since drilling through these materials is difficult. Another thing to think about is whether you want your freshly built roller blinds to open from the front or back. The difference is in the amount of cloth covered by the blinds. If the blinds open from the back, more of the surface is covered, allowing less light into your space and the energy efficiency.

The next move is to mark the brackets’ location on your window frame or on the wall. There are two brackets, one for the idle part and the other for the chain working part (with a hexagonal hole) (with the round hole). This is where you’ll need someone else to make sure the brackets are symmetrically arranged and to hand you the equipment you’ll need. Drill holes after you’ve determined where you want the brackets to go and marked the location. Place the spring plunger into the hole of the idle side bracket before screwing the blinds brackets to the wall or frame. The brackets can then be secured, and the roller blinds can then be attached. Make sure the idle side of the chain goes into the bracket with the hexagonal slot, and the chain side goes into the bracket with the hexagonal slot.