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This could be something you’ve come across if you’re going through a divorce and already have a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer. It’s known as “template discovery.” It is not a tradition in which I participate. Some divorce attorneys will defend their practise by claiming that template discovery is needed to avoid a client alleging legal malpractice on their part. I wholeheartedly disagree. There are also procedural rules that allow procedures to be used to “discover” the other party’s status, asset, etc. during the course of any legal process, including divorces and separations. Litigants and their lawyers have access to these procedures, which are referred to as “judicial resources.”Do you want to learn more? check out more

Interrogatories” is an example of such a method. These are essentially questions that must be answered under oath or objected to within forty (40) days of the date they were sent by the person to whom they were sent. The date of certification is specified in a formal “Certification” clause at the bottom of interrogatories and other types of discovery. Unless a group obtains approval from the Rhode Island Family Court, interrogatories are limited to thirty (30).

A Request for Production of Documents and Other Things is another type of discovery method. This is a letter prepared and submitted to the opposing party, requesting that he or she produce documents and other related items for review within twenty (20) days of the date the request was sent, as specified in the “Certification,” or object to the production based on a legal basis or privilege. The number of requests for document production is infinite, and they can be submitted in several sets. While the Rhode Island Domestic Relations Rules of Procedure only allowed you to produce documents and other items for copying and inspection (presumably at the expense of the opposing party), litigants usually make copies of the documents and other items to the extent practicable and mail them to the opposing party to their divorce attorney.