Negotiate the Best Deal on Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

The amount of heating and air conditioning companies in Virginia Beach, where I live, and several other cities across the country, is completely out of proportion to the actual demand for heat and cooling. While Virginia Beach experiences hot summers for three to four months, temperatures seldom exceed the mid to upper nineties for an extended period of time. True Blue Heat and Air is an excellent resource for this.

And, when it comes to winters… The day after Christmas, we had a picnic and enjoyed the 70-degree weather! It may get cold, but temperatures rarely drop into the teens or single digits, with average winter temperatures hovering around 46 degrees.

There is a need for heating and air conditioning in Virginia Beach, but there is no compelling justification for hundreds of heating and cooling firms to compete for the same customers. So, why are there so many of them if the weather isn’t that bad and supply far outnumbers demand?

Well, I don’t have a definite response for you, but if you find yourself in need of heating or air conditioning repair, these numbers will definitely help!

During the mild spring and fall months, these guys essentially starve for six months of the year, but strive to “make up” for it during the busy season. Even during the busiest times, there isn’t enough work to go around, as I said, and knowing this will allow you to negotiate pricing… Yes, you CAN bargain for a lower price.

When you call for service, the company can charge a diagnostic or trip fee to cover the cost of coming to your house, and they are barely making even at this stage, so they don’t want to abandon the job. This can be used to haggle over the cost of the repair. Since most businesses want to optimise any call they can get their hands on, there is a lot of space for negotiation.

As a result, don’t accept their first offer. The service technician will most likely look at you with a puzzled expression on his face and tell you that they don’t negotiate rates. Most businesses do not allow the service technician to lower a price, so this is generally valid. However, if you call the office, someone will undoubtedly speak with you and, in order to gain your company, will most likely lower the cost of the repair.

It’s worth a shot, particularly if you’re dealing with a costly repair. Note that most heating and air conditioning repair companies have maintenance agreements that give these “private” customers 10-25 percent off repairs so that they can lower their price, and you don’t have to sign up for one to get it!