Some Cat Clothes You Need In Your Life

The tradition of dressing up furry friends like cats in fashionable costumes is a trend that has been around for quite some time and will continue to be around in the future. Cat clothing is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that has been growing in popularity over time, making those cute creatures appear grumpy at all times. see post

Why do companies make cat clothes if your fuzzy pet would be less than excited about wearing them around the house? As with dogs, it appears that a mirrored image of the owner forces them to dress their feline companions in cat clothes on a regular basis. This can range from simple headbands or hats to full-body costumes that mean the wearer, the cat, wants to look like the person it is with in some way shape or form. It is undeniably true that, based on the image of each kitty dressed in clothing, they have little interest in dressing up as an angel, demon, or whatever. This makes you wonder why anyone would go to such lengths to do something like this, but it is now a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

A few people could be doing it out of loneliness, but it may also be backwards, since there is no doubt in my mind that an unhappy and depressed bushy feline wearing cat clothes at the time will stay that way for a long time after the offending outfit is removed. When you’re attempting to remove a shirt from it or unzip a jacket that allows you to come into contact with sharp claws and the risk of a feline outburst, your feline partner is not the sort of animal you want upset with you.

The presumption, as with most weirdness these days, is that it makes the cat look wonderful and lovable, which is something of a myth if you consider the cat’s feelings.