Office Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Guide for Small Business

It is a good idea to have an office cleaning checklist for your employees. This to make the cleaning process more organized and easier for your workers. It will facilitate a faster cleaning process. Having a checklist also prevents your people from forgetting to clean a room or perform certain cleaning routines. Go to this official site

Your employees can get confused if this client or that required them to shampoo the rug or just vacuum the carpet. Get organized by forming a system for each client and have your employees use an office cleaning checklist for each visit. Here are some tips to help you put a cleaning system in place.

1. Before you start big pieces of furniture, put smaller items aside first. These include pens and small notepads scattered around the tables and floor. While you are busy picking up small items, pick up waste too and throw them in the bin. Make sure that what you put in the waste bin are trash like leftover food and crumpled pieces of paper.

2. When you’ve cleared the area of small items, you can start dusting the tables, chairs, equipment, and shelves. If you are going to be dusting shelves, start from the highest shelf and work yourself down. Dust from high shelves can float down to the lower shelves and mess it up again. Never mind if dust goes on the floor or carpet because you will vacuum the floor or polish it later.

3. If the floors are made of wood, tiles or marble your office cleaning checklist should remind your staff to sweep the floor then mop it first before polishing. If your client requests the carpet to be shampooed, place that too in your checklist. Your employees might forget the routine if you simply place “clean the carpet” in your checklist.

4. If your client wants his windows cleaned once a month, place that in your office cleaning checklist too. State if window cleaning will be done daily or monthly and if the exterior of the windows will be cleaned too. Some companies don’t require all cleaning tasks done in one day and reserve other heavy tasks on a weekly basis.

5. Have a checklist for each floor or room. There may be different tasks for the boss’ office from those in the common areas. Put the same effort of work for all the rooms and not just clean the boss’ office better. If you are servicing a large office it would help to have an on-site inspector who will double-check the cleaning list aside from just having cleaners do it.

You should also have a base copy of your checklist on your contract which both you and your client will sign before your first visit. If your clients makes a special request to have additional cleaning done, ask if they want it to be a regular thing to be added to the contract or if it will just be a one-time deal that you can charge for separately. Creating an office cleaning checklist will help you do your job better and keep clients happy.