The Benefits of Dental Crowns

In dentistry, dental crown refers to the anatomical structure of permanent teeth, typically covered completely by enamel during early growth. The crown is normally visible at the back of the mouth following growing behind the gums and then erupting slowly into place on top of the remaining teeth. When a major tooth is damaged, a dentist may apply an artificial crown after repairing the damage. Crowns are also used for teeth alignment when there are missing teeth.Feel free to find more information at Renton Dental Crowns.

Dental crowns are either made of porcelain or composite materials that harden on the surface of the underlying tooth. On the other hand, onlays are actually colored dyes placed on the crown material to give it a glossy look. Both onlays and crowns are temporary solutions that may be used for a short time or until another tooth is replaced. However, many people choose to have dental crowns as a long-term solution to repair severe tooth decay, erosion, chips, broken or discolored teeth and other problems that cannot be fixed with fillings or crowns alone.

There are many advantages of having dental crowns. They provide a more stable, higher-fill tooth that is not vulnerable to any decay or other dental problems. They are made of a hard material that doesn’t break or chip easily and thus cannot be damaged by chewing or other external forces such as tooth grinding. Furthermore, they are made of a color that closely matches the natural tooth of the patient, so the results are as close to real teeth as possible. Dental crowns are also effective at correcting minor aesthetic issues, such as discoloration, imperfection, gaps, stains and deterioration of the teeth. In fact, some cosmetic dentists use dental crowns to correct severe deficiencies of the teeth that can’t be fixed by traditional procedures.

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