Things To Know About Dominating the SERPS with Guest Posting

The concept of author rating has gained a lot of interest from those searching for the right way to place a website in the search engine results listings as part of the ongoing search for the next best way to positively impact SEO.

Authorship and the placement of well-known authors has been a viable means of increasing prestige and confidence. Best of all, it seems that this approach works not only for websites where authors are frequently written, but also for websites where the content owner has become a guest blogger or otherwise submitted content to be used. If you wish to learn more about this, visit

With Google’s continuing efforts to limit the amount of low-quality content that is rewarded with higher rankings, it’s only natural that author rank would aid SEO.

Rank’s Explanation

Author rating, according to Google, indicates that a website journalist has a solid reputation for delivering insightful, high-quality material that has proved to be useful to a large number of readers. Those journalists have made a name for themselves by ensuring that all of their work is recognised and linked to a single name through Google’s Authorship platform, which links to the person’s Google+ profile and then continues receiving +1s and endorsements from readers who have discovered their work on the internet.

A writer can continue to climb upward in the author ratings in a specific subject or niche by combining a name with a profile and then continuing to deliver quality content; this occurs because the more that a person’s writing is read, the more favourably readers respond to such work, and hence the ranking of that writer rises. Author rank is determined by a writer’s previous works, popularity, prestige, and online audience, as well as the amount of hits a piece of material has earned on the different websites where it was published.

Rating Improvement

Of course, some SEO work will still be needed to extend and develop an initial author audience.

One of the most important ways for content creators to establish a positive reputation is to always assert some finished work and then publish it on websites that follow active SEO practises. Having a writer’s name out there and known is the first step in creating a loyal readership; this is where conventional marketing and SEO come into play.

An author rating will rise as a result of having written content read and receiving more and more hits on a website with followers and reviews, with ranking trailing closely behind.

Improving SEO and rating

Any website that already employs strong SEO and marketing techniques will benefit from hosting content from writers that have high reviews and rankings. In contrast to the situation described above, where a website’s placement and optimization practises can help a non-ranked author gain popularity, a well-known article writer can help to improve the status of that internet location by drawing more traffic.

Once a content creator has established a regular following, it’s possible that fans will visit every page where the writer’s work is featured. Increased traffic, as well as the attractiveness of a well-known article blogger, will assist in overall website optimization.