Babies, Kids and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care was once considered to be primarily a medical option for adults. That is no longer true. For their children, an increasing number of parents are turning to chiropractic care instead of, or in addition to, conventional medical treatment.

The pulling and twisting motions on the infant during delivery trigger enormous physical stress/strain on the baby’s body during the birthing process, particularly after a caesarean. This may result in subluxation and interference with the central nervous system. If the subluxation is not detected in time, permanent damage, such as subluxation degeneration, can occur. Subluxation can also happen when the baby is still in the womb. It has also been shown that active children’s everyday routines (running, jumping, climbing, etc.) can trigger subluxations.Learn more about this at Palmercare Chiropractic Fairfax City.

Daily check-ups and alignments for children will potentially avoid possible accidents, improve their immune system, and provide them with a plethora of non-invasive and drug-free health benefits. Parents should be on the lookout for symptoms of potential problems such as hyperactivity, stomach pain, fever, bed wetting, sore throat, colds, flu, and bad posture. Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, ADHD, asthma, and Tourette’s Syndrome are some of the more severe disorders for which chiropractic treatment may be helpful. Chiropractic treatment can successfully manage (reduce or eliminate) any of these symptoms and more.

Finding a chiropractor who specialises in paediatric chiropractic treatment is the secret to achieving optimal health in children. The doctor must be well-versed in prenatal care and treatment of children up to the age of 18. Since a child’s physical make-up is continually changing, it necessitates special attention. If they are adjusted by a chiropractor who is not highly qualified and experienced in treating children, they can sustain permanent injuries and/or health conditions.

When handling them, a variety of procedures and precautionary measures are used. The chiropractor’s extensive spinal examination is first on the list. Pediatric chiropractors are specially trained to detect spinal disorders in children of all ages. In contrast to adults, spinal modifications are performed on children using (painless) light fingertip procedures to straighten out any malfunctions or strengthen their spinal structure. This fingertip technique needs no more than one pound (or less) of pressure. Aligning babies and children is a delicate and responsive operation. This is why it is important that the chiropractor who is adjusting your child is well-educated, trained, and experienced in paediatric chiropractic treatment.