The Five Characteristics of a Fantastic Personal Trainer

It is now or never for you. You’ve made the decision to get in shape again. And you want to do it easily, comfortably, and painlessly. You’ve come to the right spot. It’s now up to you to make a decision.

You have some choices when it comes to beginning a workout routine. You could enter a gym and try to find out what all of the machines are for. You could enrol in a fitness “kit” and be pressured to progress at the speed set by the class, even though it isn’t the best pace for you. You may also employ a personal trainer and have him or her create a personalised workout plan for you based on your goals and current fitness level. Get more info about Ann Arbor fitness.

Working with a personal trainer is without a doubt the quickest, easiest, and most successful way to get in shape. Whether you’re getting in shape for the first time or returning to your college ‘battle weight,’ a personal trainer will make the process fast and painless. Best of all, you’ll never have to find out what all that equipment does (and won’t get injured if you use it incorrectly), and your workouts would be private one-on-one sessions filled with motivation and significant improvement.

But how do you go about finding the right coach? Is it easier to date a man or a woman in your situation? Can the trainer take into account your age and current fitness level, or will he or she just attempt to make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? And, perhaps most importantly, how much would it cost you to hire your own personal trainer?
Since I’ve been a personal trainer since 1987 (and have trained several others), I’m able to share the five characteristics that all great personal trainers possess. Working with a personal trainer is without a doubt the quickest, easiest, and most satisfying way to get in shape. And, with the help of the checklist below, you’ll be able to find the trainer who’s just right for you in no time!

When interviewing a personal trainer to work with you, keep these five characteristics in mind:


Great personal trainers are genuinely interested in assisting people in improving their life through fitness. They’ll be genuinely interested in learning about your health history and objectives. They will be energised by your decision to make fitness a priority in your life.

There will be days when you don’t feel motivated to work out. Perhaps you had a bad night’s sleep the night before or had a job disaster. Your Personal Trainer will give you the energy and inspiration you need to get through even the most difficult days. On the days when you’re feeling fine, your Trainer will work with you to reach goals you never thought possible.

The Great Personal Trainer is more than a person who creates your routines or simply shows you how to do new exercises. On your lifelong wellness journey, you and your Personal Trainer become a team committed to inspiring you to achieve previously unattainable heights.

How does the Great Personal Trainer learn about your aspirations and objectives? They’ve approached you! Every great personal trainer possesses outstanding communication abilities.

Your first appointment with your Personal Trainer should include a discussion of your goals, medical history, schedule, past and current exercise behaviours, and anything else that should impact your workouts. The Trainer will collect information from you upon welcoming you for each subsequent workout to determine your energy level, general mindset, any residual effects from your previous workout, and your specific level of motivation for that day.

Many of these questions will be answered by contact, both verbal and nonverbal. Throughout your workout, coordination will be maintained, and changes will be made to quickly tailor the routine in order to optimise the effectiveness of each session with your Personal Trainer.

The Great Personal Trainer is also an excellent coach, maybe the best you’ve ever met. Unless you’ve had a lot of experience with exercise, you’ll be finding a lot of new ways to improve your body through fitness. Great personal trainers are professional teachers who are used to working with a wide range of clients and can illustrate a single idea from many perspectives.

They’re used to adapting their teaching style to suit the learning style of each client. The Trainer can handle the problem in a way that makes sense to YOU if you don’t understand a concept or are having trouble with a new exercise. In a short amount of time, you will be made to feel at ease with something completely new to you.

One of the keys to a good fitness routine is learning proper exercise technique. Finding the right Personal Trainer for you will pay off with incredible results.


Paid ads is used sparingly by great personal trainers. What is the reason for this? Since he receives references from every client he has. He doesn’t need to spend money on ads because his company is built on the best kind of marketing: word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers.

You’ll need to find a fantastic personal trainer. Asking a friend or acquaintance who has recently experienced an inspirational physical transformation is the perfect way to find one. Contact the National Strength and Conditioning Association (, the American Council on Exercise (, or the American College of Sports Medicine to find a Personal Trainer ( Finding a trainer through one of these organisations does not guarantee that they are outstanding, but it does provide you with a list of trainers to interview in your field.

Request references from the Trainer once you’ve made contact. Clients of a Great Personal Trainer should give you glowing recommendations.