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When it comes to smoking products there is really no contest. When it comes to getting your nicotine fix you have two viable options; either you can buy a pack of cigarettes, or you can suck on a puff of a non-alcoholic flavored puff bar. The puff bar is the less expensive option, and while it doesn’t deliver as much nicotine in a single hit as a pack of cigarettes, the convenience is certainly a consideration for many people. Puff bars are electronic vaporizing devices which are specifically designed to be thrown away after they have been used. These disposable vaporizing devices typically come pre-loaded with pre-loaded e-juice, eliminating the often messy and time consuming process of filling an individual e-juice tank.You may want to check out puff bar for more.


Many of these puff disposable devices come in only one flavor, which makes them convenient for those who don’t like changing flavors. There are many different varieties of the puff bar which offer different levels of nicotine delivery, but most have about one to three hours of continuous release (CD) nicotine charge for the average smoker. Many products also feature multiple flavors, allowing users to choose from a wide range of fruit flavors, chocolate flavors, mint flavors, and even sugar-free versions which are less common. These advanced features make these products an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to reduce their cigarette cravings.

One major complaint about these products has to do with the lack of warning letters. While some manufacturers have taken steps to design wrappers that do not include any type of reference to the amount of e-juice in the product, the majority of products still include some type of health warning letter near the bottom of the bottle indicating the maximum amount of nicotine the product can contain. These warning letters should also inform the user that smoking at this level of nicotine concentration poses extreme health risks. Without these bold and informative warning letters, it is easy for an occasional user to increase the amount of nicotine in their body without ever being aware of the increased risk.

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