Do You Know What Research Peptides Are – Info

Over the last few years, there has been a massive explosion of research peptides all over the internet, some of which promise a’sunless tan,’ while others claim to be able to support men and women with sexual dysfunction. Some of you may not be aware of them, but I guarantee that if you search for them on Google, you can find them right away! Want to learn more? visit us.

So, where did they originate? Various scientific studies have been conducted since the early 1990s on how chemicals that naturally occur within the human body influence our development, ranging from hormone development to body growth and the chemical changes required to make our bodies work.

Scientists were able to synthesise a variety of different peptides, each one more distinct from the other, after conducting detailed research into these processes. These research peptides were then put through a series of clinical trials to see whether they could be used in humans.

‘Melanotan 2′ was one of the trials conducted at the University of Arizona’s pharmacology school. This peptide was created to speed up the process of melanogenesis, which is the body’s process of changing the pigment cells in the skin; or, in other words, a’suntan’. The researchers thought that by speeding up this operation, the body would produce a’sunless tan,’ shielding people from harmful UV rays and thus aiding in the fight against skin cancer.