GHA SURGEON – Diabesity? Fat chance!

What life-threatening, energy-robbing, life-shortening condition affects one in two Americans, including 80 percent of overweight individuals and up to 40 percent of individuals who are at an average weight? What condition is responsible for more deaths than cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and dementia? What condition accounts for over 70 percent of our $2.4 trillion annual heathcare bill and will make up a majority of the $47 trillion spent globally over the next two decades as we deal with chronic disease? What condition is responsible for nearly twice as many deaths each years as infectious diseases cause? Do you know what condition is not even diagnosed in more than 90 percent of individuals suffering from it? This condition is known as diabesity. Have you heard of diabesity?see post

What is Diabesity?

Diabesity is the largest health concern facing us as individuals, as families, as a nation and as a global community. Diabesity of the continuation of metabolic disturbances from minimal blood sugar as well as insulin imbalances to pre-diabetic to those with actual type 2 diabetes. This condition occurs at an alarming rate. If you think you are safe because you are at a “skinny” or “average” weight, guess again. This condition affects nearly 40 percent of individuals who appear to be at a healthy size. Fact: individuals may look thin but can be metabolically fat. When this occurs you have all the same risk factors for chronic disease and even death that those who are overweight do. Diabesity occurs in 80 percent of individuals who are overweight.

Diabesity acts as a slippery slope of health problems; one health problem leading to another. High blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels and cholesterol problems can all pile on top of one another. This can easily lead to a decline in one’s health.
Can Diabesity be Reversed?

While diabesity may seem like nothing but bad news, there is good news when it comes to this condition. The good news is that diabesity can be reversed. For anyone who is willing to implement good lifestyle choices as well as a healthy, well-balanced diet, diabesity can be reversed! Health concerns including diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are all the result of problems in our diets and lifestyle as well as environmental toxins.

By eliminating these concerns that are causing an individual’s body to be out of balance, individuals may be able to reverse the effects of diabesity and lead the way to a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Interventions with your doctor as well as basic lifestyle changes can help a patient to lose weight, make the necessary lifestyle changes and get their body back into balance.

What Do You Need to Do to Avoid Becoming a Diabesity Statistic?

Fortunately diabesity does not have to be a sentence to an early death or a lifetime full of doctor visits and just not feeling good.

Testing. Testing if the first step that should be taken in order to make a recovery for the diabesity epidemic. Often times, diabesity may go unnoticed because many doctors are focused on testing fasting blood sugar levels. Your fasting blood sugar level is an ineffective test for diabesity. Ask your doctor for an insulin response test. This test is believed to be much more effective when it comes to diagnosing diabesity.

Diet. Choosing a healthy, well-balanced diet can much more challenging than it actually sounds. There is so much nutritional information out there. Much of the nutritional information out there contradicts itself. Fortunately, there are a few basic nutritional guidelines that everyone should follow whether you are looking to avoid diabesity of reverse diabesity. You should be eliminating sugars as well as processed carbohydrates from your diet. Those looking to reverse diabesity should consume whole foods including lean protein, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Exercise. Exercise is going to play a huge role in your recovery from diabesity. Walking as well as other low-impact exercises (think swimming, cycling or using an elliptical machine) can help to balance your blood sugar levels as well as boost your metabolism. Start by exercising for 30 minutes each day. You should eventually be able to work yourself up to 60 minutes workout sessions, four to six days per week.

Reduce Your Stress Levels. Stress-reduction is very important in reversing diabesity. Stress plays a major component in diabesity as well as a number of other conditions. However, stress is often overlooked. Sure, small amount of stress are normal. However, being stressed out for an extended prior of time can increase insulin resistance as well as blood sugar imbalances. Yoga, meditation and visualization play a very important role in reversing diabesity.

Detoxification. Environmental toxins can have a huge impact on diabesity. For this reason, it is very important for patients to work to removal environmental toxins from their lives. Green cleaning products, filtered water and using glass containers instead of plastic containers can help to move you in the right direction.

Before beginning a new diet, lifestyle and exercise plan, you should always consult your doctor. By following these steps, patients of all ages and physical conditions should be able to take action against insulin resistance. You can get your life back and you can reverse diabesity.