Liposuction-Body Contouring Erases Stubborn Body Fat

Liposuction is used to “sculpt” the bodies of almost half a million Americans each year. Liposuction is a form of body contouring surgery that involves sucking fat away from the body.

Liposuction, which was first used in France over 20 years ago, has since been developed with modern methods that make it safer and more efficient than ever.Do you want to learn more? Visit Virginia Beach microneedling .

Who is a successful candidate for liposuction?

Some patients are shocked to learn that they are not a good choice for liposuction when they come in for a consultation. This procedure should not be regarded as an obesity treatment.

Women and men of any age who have strong skin elasticity and muscle tone are the ideal candidates for liposuction:

Nonsmokers are people who do not smoke.

They should be within 30% of their ideal body weight.

In good physical condition

It’s also crucial to have a good attitude and clear objectives in mind when it comes to body contouring.

Which parts of the body can be treated with liposuction?

Abdominal cavity

Thighs on the outside and inside

The buttocks

Breasts are the female reproductive organs (in men and women)

Under the chin and around the neck

Near the armpit, upper chest

In the mid-back, there is a “bra bulge.”

Back pain in the upper and lower back

Arms (upper)

above the knees on the back of the thighs

Knees are a type of joint.

Ankles and calves

If you are a healthy male with “love handles,” liposuction might be a good option for you. If you are a healthy-skinned woman with a little extra fat below the navel, liposuction might be a good option for you. The patient who comes in and says, “I just want to lose 10 pounds,” on the other hand, does not have reasonable expectations. Liposuction will not help you lose ten pounds.