Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Many people desire to increase the size of their breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is expensive and, including technical advancements such as transumbilical breast augmentation, which involves inserting saline breast implants into an incision above the belly button to prevent scarring near the breasts, comes with a number of complications. Breast augmentation is also done under general anaesthesia in the majority of situations. The recovery from surgery is difficult and time-consuming: the patient will normally return to function in one to two weeks, although a complete recovery takes at least a month. official site

Given the high demand for breast augmentation, if a less intrusive and better alternative existed, even more people might have their bust lines widened.

Natural breast augmentation, which was recently launched, is one such method: it is healthy, minimally intrusive, and actually costs less. Natural breast augmentation and/or stem cell breast augmentation are two terms that are becoming increasingly common. (Don’t be concerned about the stem cell debate; the treatment utilises the patient’s own stem cells!) The bottom line is that it is the first and only healthy breast augmentation treatment. What makes it safe? The option of implants has always been the most difficult aspect of breast augmentation.

Silicone implants, which have a more realistic appearance, have been studied for a long time to see if they affect women’s health in the long run. (The most current worry is that they’re linked to lymphatic cancer.) Despite the fact that saline implants are better, fewer patients are familiar with them. Both forms of implants now in operation inject foreign material into the body of a woman. Natural breast enlargement does not: it augments the woman’s breasts with her own fatty tissue (from a certain part of her body).

It is, of course, a simplistic interpretation of a far more complicated method. In fact, stem cell technology is used in natural breast augmentation. The fat is liposuctioned from one region, and the stem cells are extracted from the fat tissue, condensed, and inserted back into the fat, which is then ready to be implanted into the patient’s breasts. There is little chance of rejection, allergic reaction, or allergy since the inserted content is the patient’s own. If devices are made of a foreign drug, there is a risk of rejection, adverse reaction, or allergy.

The method’ technology is complicated. However, the operation is mild and minimally intrusive in terms of the patient. To avoid scarring, the doctor uses a miniature cannula (a metal, tubular device with a diameter as small as the tip of a pen!) with the latest refined techniques available. The operation is done in the doctor’s office and does not require general anaesthesia, a scalpel, or stitches.

In certain circumstances, the fat may be harvested (liposuctioned) and grafted (re-injected) in one operation done in a doctor’s office under local anaesthesia. In certain cases, the doctor may recommend two medications to render the surgery less taxing on the patient’s body and to hasten recovery. Since the operation is minimally invasive and causes minor body pain, healing may take up to a week.

To summarise, natural breast augmentation achieves natural and pleasing effects without the complications associated with traditional breast augmentation surgery. It relies on autotransplantation (the transplantation of the patient’s own tissue) rather than the implantation of foreign materials into the patient’s body.