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Fungi are filamentous species that begin as microscopic spores on the surface of wood; oh, and by the way, fungi can be found just about anywhere and on anything; however, the right combination of moisture, temperature, oxygen, and a food supply is what causes the fungus to grow. When these four basic elements are present in the right proportions, fungi develop hyphae, which are thin strand-like cells that grow into wood cells and secrete enzymes that weaken the wood, causing dry rot to begin. The process continues to dissolve the wood cells over time, until all that is left is a powdery layer on the ground.Get additional information at Sacramento dry rot inspection.

What can be done to avoid dry rot in wood? When it comes to temperature, there isn’t anything that can be done. Most fungi prefer a temperature of 30° F to 100° F, which is fairly common. Except for wood immersed in water, oxygen cannot be extracted because it is present almost everywhere. Food is present because the wood is a food source; nothing can change that. So, what about moisture? That’s something we can control.

Excessive water in wood acts as a swelling agent, essentially opening the wood structure and allowing fungal enzymes from the fungus to reach and diffuse into the wood. It will take time, but Mother Nature will triumph in the end, as she always does. So, how are we going to stop Mother Nature’s army from encroaching on our prized forest? Sealing wood, holding moisture out in the first place, and treating the wood with harmful chemicals are all options.

Let’s start with the wood sealing. There are a wide variety of paints and sealers on the market today, ranging from water-based acrylics to complicated epoxies and everything in between, but they’re all made to keep moisture out. Paint stores will inform you on the best product to use for your specific situation, but whatever you do, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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