The Role of the Senior In Home Care Service

Senior in-home care is individual or senior home care service, which is offered in-home by a skilled and trained aide who has a license. Usually, it is meant to prevent or delay moving into an assisted living facility or a nursing facility. Senior in-home care offers companionship, non-medical assistance and sometimes health care as well. The most common tasks which are performed by a companion during a senior in-home care is cooking, cleaning, shopping, light housekeeping and small tasks like diaper changing or taking out the garbage. Sometimes, a companion would also perform light office jobs such as typing letters, making phone calls or answering the telephone. For more details click NYC senior in-home care.

If you think that you need help with your senior in-home care services, you can call the Alzheimer’s Association in your area or contact the American Association of Retired Persons. These associations offer information on local services which may be available to you. However, if you do not want to have someone at home to assist you with everyday chores, you can talk to the Alzheimer’s Association to find out more information about in home care agencies that provide minimal services and require no social security number. They can help you make the right decision on your needs and which agency would best suit your needs and budget. With their help you can get the help you need and maintain your independence.

Even though the senior in-home care service works more as a substitute for a nursing home environment, some agencies do provide health care benefits and some do not. There are also independent living aids for those who need assistance with toilet use, bathroom use, meal planning and shopping for groceries. The independent living aids are usually for those seniors who do not need continuous assistance but could benefit from a few extra assistance on the weekends or after hours. For those seniors who can do all of their own daily living, an in home caregiver can come once per week or be there every day.